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Størvik workwear

If you are looking for affordable workwear of a quality you can rely on, Størvik workwear is certainly an interesting option! After all, Størvik stands for quality, comfort and durability. In addition, this clothing also has a nice tough look with which you can definitely come out. It will therefore come as no surprise that we have included this brand in our range. After all, Størvik fits perfectly with our motto: 71WorkX, where workwear meets style!

Størvik Professional Workwear is part of Conel BV. This is an international supplier of work clothing that has been active in this field for quite some time. Although the name Størvik sounds quite Scandinavian, it has a Dutch background. After all, Størvik's head office is located in Zwolle.

Why choose Størvik workwear?

Størvik radiates a Dutch character. If you choose work clothes from Størvik, you choose excellent value for money. The clothing is designed based on the wishes of the professionals in the workplace. Actually Størvik offers you exactly what you can expect from work clothes. This workwear is functional, comfortable, of excellent quality, safe and has the right appearance.

Actually, these are enough reasons to choose Størvik workwear, but this company goes a step further by setting the bar in the production process very high for itself. After all, Størvik is a brand that attaches great importance to contributing to the environment. It is precisely for this reason that it has been decided to keep the entire production process in-house. In this way, the company can guarantee that this entire process takes place in a fair, transparent and careful manner with regard to, among other things, the working conditions and the burden on the environment.

Confidence in textiles

Størvik also makes every effort to ensure that the clothing is literally comfortable. The guarantee certificate “confidence in textiles” has been created for this. This means that the clothing has been tested for skin friendliness. This makes Størvik unique in this industry! According to Størvik, “good work clothes” is half the battle and this brand proves it for sure! The brand goes a number of steps further than manufacturing workwear with triple stitched seams.

The Størvik range

71WorkX is one of Størvik's official outlets. As you can see on this page, we can literally dress you from head to toe. After all, Størvik has a wide and versatile range. You can buy sweaters, hoodies, work trousers, (pilot) jackets, parkas, body warmers and T-shirts from this brand.

In addition, Størvik also has work clothes for somewhat more demanding situations. You can also go to this brand for good rainwear or high visibility wear. You don't have to worry about the very cold conditions if you own a soft shell jacket or a lined overall from Størvik. The brand also has extra large sizes and children's clothing in the collection. Learned young ……

Order Størvik workwear

You can find the complete Størvik collection on our website. You will also find all the latest models first. Do you have a specific question or can't find something? Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We are happy to help you make your choice.

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