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Painters work clothes of the best quality

A painter who places high demands on his or her work clothes should definitely check out the 71WorkX webshop. Here you will succeed excellently and find the right work clothes. We have a variety of painters work clothes for all circumstances. Our workwear is durable, of the best quality, looks good and of course has a white color.

Why is a painter's work clothes white?

The requirement of white work clothes for a painter or plasterer is somewhat outdated with modern means. In the past, when painters still had to mix their paint themselves, white industrial clothing was chosen because this did not allow errors of judgment due to color influence to be made. After all, white is not seen as a color. After all, when mixing paint, colorful work clothes could influence the determination of a color, so that the wrong color of paint would be used. Nowadays the paint is mixed by machine and this is less important, but in improvisation, if you have to mix yourself, it might come in handy if you wear white clothing.

Requirements for a painter's work clothes

In addition to the color, there are more requirements that painters must make of their work clothing. First of all, the appearance. The work clothing must look good, after all you are the business card of the company and you naturally feel better in clothing with a beautiful appearance. This is a very important point. In addition, the work clothes must have a perfect fit to work comfortably. The clothing must certainly be functional for your industry. You can think of the importance of having enough pockets in your work clothes to store some small tools. Especially when you work at a height, you don't always want to go up and down to pack your things. That is annoying and not efficient.

Then there are two more important requirements for a painter's workwear. It goes without saying that the work clothing must be of perfect quality. It will not happen to you that you draw a line wrong because your work clothes get in the way or hinder you. So you should always be able to rely on your work clothes. Finally, the work clothing must meet all the standards that exist in the painting industry.

Snickers painters workwear meets all requirements

If we put all these points together and see which brand best meets all these requirements, we arrive at Snickers workwear. Snickers Workwear offers high quality workwear for professionals who are looking for the very best in safety, protection and comfort while working. In addition, the brand subtly combines advanced design with superior functionality.

Snickers Workwear is one of the leading brands in the workwear industry in Europe. The brand is represented in more than 20 countries. A lot of effort is put into developing advanced workwear for painters, based on the real needs of skilled craftsmen who need to be able to rely on their equipment. The work clothing is first extensively tested in practice before it is put on the market. No compromises are ever satisfied and you are assured of the best painter's clothing on the market.

Order work clothes for a painter

71workx is the official dealer of Snickers Workwear. We have the complete painter's clothing line of this brand in our webshop. Painters can therefore come to us perfectly. Snickers has a very versatile range of painter's clothing. For both summer and winter.

The beauty of a brand like Snickers is that the clothing can be worn separately, but is also coordinated when choosing combinations. For example, Snicker's workwear is designed in such a way that the different garments of this brand function in collaboration with each other. 1st, 2nd and 3rd layer garments are specially made to deliver perfect performance together.

The range in painters work clothes from Snickers

Look in our webshop for handy body pants that are of course equipped with the KneeGuard ™ positioning system for superior and durable certified knee protection. In addition, we also have painter's pants available for you, with an advanced cut with Twisted Leg ™ and Snickers Workwear Gusset ™ in the crotch for perfect wearing comfort. Naturally, these trousers also feature the KneeGuard ™ positioning system which incorporates the Cordura® reinforced knee pad pockets. In addition, we also have a short version available for working at warmer temperatures.

For the upper body, Snickers Workwear also has a versatile choice available for you. Think of a lovely hoodie, a nice soft shell jacket or a nice sweater. With us you are ready for the whole year at once!

If you have any questions or need personal advice, you can always contact us. We are happy to help you.

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