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Flame retardant safety clothing

If you take your work seriously, choose the right work clothes to perform these tasks. Do you work in circumstances that entail additional risks? Then look further on the 71WorkX website. We have flame retardant safety clothing in various versions. This will make you visible and better protected.

Not every profession (or sometimes a hobby) can be carried out without this entailing additional risks. With dangerous professions you know that you are extra vulnerable, but of course you try to limit these risks as much as possible. You do this with the right material and of course also with the right clothing. Think of flame retardant safety clothing.

Where can good safety clothing be obtained?

Many people experience that really good safety clothing is difficult to obtain. Many suppliers only have a limited range and not all clothing is of the required quality. This is different with 71WorkX. We specialize in workwear and also have a full range of workwear that is flame retardant.

Safety clothing from Snickers Workwear

We recommend Snickers Workwear clothing for these specific purposes. This brand has an extensive collection in these applications. We are an official dealer of this brand and can therefore offer you the full range. You can certainly come to us for all the latest models.

Snickers Workwear has developed safety clothing that perfectly meets all the requirements that come with the professions that entail additional risks. The clothing is of excellent quality and will protect you in tough conditions. In addition, this clothing has an excellent fit, so that it is comfortable when you are working. After development, the clothing has been extensively tested in practical situations before it is put on the market. You are therefore assured of optimal functionality of the garments. Naturally, the entire Snickers Workwear collection fully meets all requirements.

Our range of flame retardant clothing

Also with this safety clothing we can literally dress you from head to toe. After all, our range of flame retardant clothing consists of flame retardant work jackets, work trousers, underwear, top wear and overalls.

These clothes will not only provide you with protection, but also provide excellent comfort for working. Of course you hope you never end up in such a situation, but if this is the case, you are glad that you made the wise choice.

Make the wise choice

If your life and well-being are important to you, choose the right safety clothing. After all, you want to come home healthy after work! It is a wise investment that is always relatively small if you compare this to an unaffordable life.

As you can see, we can help you with this with our very wide choice. If you have any questions about this or if you need personal advice, you can always contact us. We are happy to help you.

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