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The invaluable value of good knee protection

If you are looking for the right knee protection to use during your work, you can go to 71Workx. We sell knee pads from the most appealing top brands in this industry. Our knee pads are of excellent quality and offer you optimal protection during your work. You will find that good knee protection is invaluable.

71WorkX ensures that your entire work equipment is well organized. We not only have a very wide range of workwear for both men and women, but also work shoes, accessories and other useful material for safe working. We are an official dealer of the leading brands in workwear. The advantage of this is that we can offer the full collection of these top brands and that you will immediately find all the latest models with us.

The importance of knee protection

If you have many demands on yourself, you must be able to rely on your equipment. After all, you cannot perform optimally if your equipment is not in order. Of course, this also includes accessories such as knee protection. In fact, this is a very important part of your outfit. After all, your knees often endure a lot if you work hard. It is therefore important to protect them as well as possible. If you do not properly protect your knees, you will quickly suffer from it during and after work. If you do not have good knee pads, you will immediately notice this. It is therefore a valuable investment.

Fit of the knee pads

The perfect fit will be of great influence when choosing the right knee pads. Only if the fit is in perfection, the knee protector will offer you optimal protection. Many people then look directly at the knee pads, but the fit of your work trousers naturally plays an important role in this. You will understand that the perfect fit of the knee protection is very closely related to the fit of your work trousers.

After all, if the legs are too long or too short, the kneepad pockets are not in the right place. When you put a knee protector in the knee pocket, it will be too high or too low to properly protect the knees. So make sure you wear pants in the right size. Many people therefore choose to buy the pants and knee protection in combination. With many brands, the work trousers and the knee protector are perfectly matched and the combination provides very effective protection.

Twisted Leg design for the correct location of the knee protector

Not only the size, but also the cut of the pants is important in the fit of the knee pads. There are many straight leg trousers on the market. When making movements, the fabric will slide off the knee, with the knee protection then sliding along. This can cause injuries in the short or long term. After all, the knee protector cannot fully protect your knee. If you find yourself having to pull your pants all the time to keep your knee patch in place, an incorrect size is often the problem. So make sure that the dimensions of your pants are in order in every position (standing and kneeling).

If you choose work trousers with a Twisted Leg design you will avoid this problem. This type of trouser legs keeps the knee pad pocket in the right place when kneeling and thus provides better protection. You can of course come to us for this kind of work trousers.

The KneeGuard system for securing your knee protector

Another (easy) way to increase the level of protection is to place the knee protector in the correct position. The KneeGuard system helps you with this, because you can fix the knee protector in different positions. This way you prevent the knee protection from shifting. It can be very annoying and painful if your knee protector shifts unnoticed.

Knee pad design

If you are looking for effective knee protection, it is not only the fit and dimensions of your work trousers that are important, but also the design of the knee pads. A good knee pad should protect not only your kneecap, but also the area around it. It is therefore a good choice to choose a design that fits well around your knee, so that your knee cannot slide off the protector. A knee protector with a slightly curved design and raised sides is a good choice.

Which knee pads do you need?

Choosing the right knee pads depends on the work you do. You have to check how often and how long you are on your knees. So if your knee pads become “flat” after a few days, you don't have the right knee protection. An appropriate knee protector of the right quality should be able to last for a long time.

If you have to kneel several times a day, a light and flexible knee protector is suitable for you. These knee pads (type 2, level 1) do not get in the way, but do provide the necessary protection if you need it. These all-round knee pads are fairly flexible, so that you can also work well with them if you do not kneel.

If you often kneel and get up again during the day or sit on your knees for long periods, you'll need a set of heavy-duty knee pads. Protecting your knees from impact is especially important in this situation, as your knees endure a lot when you land on your knees over and over. For these intensive tasks, choose a knee protector with strong shock-absorbing qualities.

If you work on your knees for a long time, but do not get up often (such as floor layers), it is important that the knee protector stays in place for a long time and has a very cushioning effect. This type of knee protection is not designed to withstand a regular impact, but to keep your knees protected when you're on the floor.

Knee pads from 71WorkX

You can go to 71WorkX for knee pads. We advise you to look at the Snickers Workwear collection for this. This top brand in this industry has knee pads for every intensity of use. The knee pads work effectively and offer excellent protection. You can choose from floor layers or knee pads that can be attached to your work trousers. Whatever protection you choose, these knee pads are extremely durable, have an ergonomic design and provide good comfort through good ventilation.

Do you have any questions or need personal advice after reading this article? We are of course ready for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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