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Work thermal underwear for all types of weather

Man can influence many things, but we have no control over nature, the weather and the associated temperature. We can dress on it. With the right workclothes, it doesn't really matter what the weather is and under what temperature conditions we have to work. If you opt for comfortable work thermal undergarments, you can simply work pleasantly with cooler temperatures. 71WorkX can help you with this thermal underwear. With high quality underwear we ensure that you stay at the right temperature.

Work thermal undergarments of the right quality

If you demand a lot from your clothing, it must be of the right quality. This is exactly what you do when you are working. When working under varying or cold conditions, you have to ask a lot of your clothes. The clothes have to move literally and figuratively and adapt to the circumstances in which you work. This is exactly what our thermal underwear does for you. This undergarment ensures that your body stays at the right temperature to deliver top performance.

You immediately notice the difference between the top brands and the other providers

Various appealing brands in workwear such as Carhartt, Blåkläder, DunderdonHerock, Snickers and Størvik have highly functional thermal underwear in the collection. The clothing is made of advanced materials with great attention to development and research. These brands differ considerably from the brands that are offered in large department stores and textile supermarkets. Only after the functionality has been proven in practical situations, do these top brands bring their clothing to the market. You will certainly notice this difference immediately if you test and compare the clothing yourself.

Snickers for the whole year

A good example of the development of workwear is the way in which a top brand such as Snickers is working to improve the materials even further. The work thermal underwear that is brought onto the market easily meets all requirements and is the result of long-term intensive research, development and extensive practical tests.

For example, Snicker's workwear is designed in such a way that the different garments of this brand function in conjunction with each other. 1st, 2nd and 3rd layer garments are specially made to deliver perfect performance together. The advanced workwear is tested in practice by a test team of demanding, hardworking professionals. Garments (including underwear) are put to the test in extreme practical situations that can also occur during work, such as in extreme cold temperatures. Only clothes that come out of the harsh conditions positively are put on the market. You can of course fully rely on this.

The right thermal underwear to work comfortably

The underwear that is best for you depends on the season, the weather, work intensity and of course personal preference. The choice of materials, the hydration, the support capacity, your freedom of movement and the comfort of the underwear are important criteria.

Our thermal underwear is made of effective fabrics that transport sweat and moisture away from your body. As a result, these materials dry five times faster than comparable fabrics. This keeps you nice and fresh, warm and dry during your work. The underwear will serve as a kind of thermostat for your body temperature at both low and high intensity work. The underwear has been specially treated to prevent odors and allow moisture to evaporate.

The underwear from 71WorkX

71WorkX has advanced and functional thermal underwear from top brands. The underwear has a fantastic fit thanks to a superior design of extremely comfortable material. With our clothing you can fully concentrate on your work in all weather conditions, whether it is cold or boiling hot. You can continue to deliver top performance all year round and you will not be dependent on the weather.

You can of course also use the thermal underwear to enjoy skiing when you go on a winter sports holiday. As you are used to from 71WorkX, our work clothing is also ideal for private wear.

Take a quick look in our webshop to discover the range. Do you want to know more about our work thermal underwear range or do you need personal advice? Do not hesitate to contact us. Call 085-0020271 or mail to [email protected]

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