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Work socks for optimal comfort

Have you ever realized how important good socks are when you are working? After all, socks not only serve nice and warm feet, but also provide protection in your work shoes. After all, work socks can prevent you from getting irritations and / or blisters. Nothing is more annoying than socks that are annoying and that start to get sore when you have just started working. You immediately feel whether you are wearing socks of high or less quality. Work socks, like a kind of second skin, should be comfortable around your feet. Actually you should not feel them, but you should experience the comfort of them.

Many people underestimate the importance of good socks. Hard work is nothing but a top performance and good workwear is an absolute requirement for this. In addition, work socks should not be underestimated as work clothes. You can still have such wonderful shoes, if the socks are not comfortable, you have less or nothing at all!

Your work socks as an important part of your work clothes

Your work socks should fit like a puzzle piece with your work shoes or boots. After all, if you wear higher boots at work, you can't wear sneaker socks! They are too thin and too short. 71workx has excellent quality work socks in the webshop. The socks are made of the best materials and have an excellent fit. We have socks from Carhartt, Snickers and Solid-Gear.

Beautiful and durable, Carhartt work socks

Carhartt is known as the brand that makes work clothes, which is beautiful and indestructible. Even under extreme conditions, these are socks that you will have great fun with. You can also wear Carhartt socks in extra cold weather conditions. The socks will keep your skin absolutely dry and warm and will protect you from unpleasant odors. Carhartt work socks have a reinforced heel, toe and sole. Naturally, the socks are excellent for boots. Before you order these socks, it is good to take a look at the socks size chart. Here you will find a handy chart to determine the correct size. The dimensions of the American brand are slightly different than we are used to.

Snickers work socks, for quality as we are used to

Naturally, Snickers work socks are also of excellent quality. Actually, we are not used to anything else from this leading workwear brand. The socks have a thickening at the ankles for extra protection, are separately shaped on the right and left and have a knitted rib arch for an optimal fit. In addition, Snickers work socks feature channels in the sole for moisture wicking and have a thicker heel and toes for more durability and support. Snickers even has socks made of a heavy quality wool for even more wearing comfort.

If you are looking for work socks that protect you against fire, flames and heat, you can also go to Snickers. The Flame Retardant socks are not only made of an insulating and sweat-wicking fabric that regulates temperature and increases comfort, but also of advanced material that solidifies in heat and flame. This way the socks provide permanent flame protection. The socks feel as soft as cotton and have anti-static protection.

Solid-Gear work socks

Last but not least, we would definitely advise you to check out Solid-Gear's compression work socks. The socks are part of a versatile range that the brand has in footwear and related items. These Solid-Gear socks have a woven structure of thicker material at the toes, sole and at the heel. This ensures better shock absorption for your feet. The socks ensure an optimal fit around your calf and ankle by even compression. This keeps the socks in place. Solid Gear Compression Socks improve your blood circulation and shorten the time it takes your muscles to recover from work. The socks provide the comfortable support you need during your work. The socks have flat seams that you do not feel and have good ventilation.

Work socks and work shoes combine at 71WorkX

In addition to work socks, we also have the work shoes in the range. Many people choose to buy this in combination. 71WorkX offers work shoes from the leading brands. Click here to also discover our range in work shoes.

Take a quick look around our webshop and discover our versatile range in high-quality work socks. For questions or personal advice you can always contact us.

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