Thermal underwear

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Thermal underwear for a perfect body temperature

For good body temperature, thermal underwear is essential to properly perform your work. If you work frequently or for a long time in very cold conditions, your body can use some support. The use of thermal underwear is an excellent option, provided you choose the right quality. 71WorkX has thermal underwear of such a high quality that you stay at the right temperature even under extreme conditions.

There is a lot of quality difference between the thermal underwear that is offered. The thermal underwear that is offered at the cheap textile discounters has a (literally) tangible different quality than the underwear of the real top brands. If you as a professional want to use good quality thermal underwear, it is better to spend a little more, to purchase clothing of a better quality. You will notice that these undergarments can keep your body at the desired temperature much better, which is very important if you have to deliver top performances.

What must thermal underwear comply with?

The main function of thermal undergarments is that it keeps your body at the desired temperature. It does not have to warm up your body, but it does retain your body heat, even when you are working under varying circumstances. Your clothes have to move literally and figuratively and adapt to the circumstances in which you work.

In addition, your thermal underwear must have an excellent fit. When you are working, you should not be irritated by seams or the fact that the clothing is not comfortable. It is best if it is almost a second skin to you.

Thermal underwear from Blåkläder

The thermal underwear from the 71WorkX range has been developed based on the wishes and requirements of the user. The Blåkläder brand is known for great quality and durability combined with an excellent fit. The clothing is designed to function well in extreme conditions and has therefore been tested in these situations. As a user you are assured that this clothing is an excellent choice if you demand a lot of your clothing and do not settle for less. The clothing will protect you against temperature influences and is also very comfortable.

Snickers thermal underwear

The combination of quality and functionality is perfectly reflected in Snickers thermal clothing. It uses advanced materials and techniques for perfect wearing comfort. The fast dry technology absorbs sweat and ensures that the clothing does not smell unpleasant when you are working hard. The slim fit design offers even compression for working comfort, while 37.5® technology provides better ventilation and efficient moisture transport. The soft flatlock stitching provides more comfort. In addition, this clothing has tapered cuffs for even more warmth.

Order thermal underwear from 71WorkX

You can order thermal underwear from different brands at 71WorkX. We are an official dealer of these absolute top brands and can help you with the entire collection. In addition to thermal underwear, you can go to 71WorkX for a wide choice of work clothing such as work jackets, (short and long) work trousers, body warmers, cardigans, sweaters, hoodies, T-shirts and various beautiful accessories. You can find all colors, designs and sizes with us.

If you are looking for something and you cannot find it on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you. You can also come to us for personal advice. We have skilled employees who are happy to advise you and help you make your choice.

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