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Hultafors, high quality tools for professionals

If you see a professional working with tools from Hultafors, you immediately know that he or she pays a lot of attention to his or her choice of materials. Tools from Hultafors are leading in this industry. The brand stands for high-quality tools that are made for professionals, but the experienced do-it-yourselfer will certainly be happy with them and “use them conveniently”. You can rely 100% on this top brand.

Hultafors is one of the most internationally appealing brands in hand tools. Many professionals from the construction and industry sector use this tool. After all, a good professional cannot do without good tools. Hultafors has been active in this industry for over 130 years. The brand started out as a folding rule, but is now a provider of a versatile range of advanced hand tools.

Reliable tools from Hultafors

Hultafors stands for very good quality tools at a fair price. Many professionals, who have to deliver top performance every day, like to choose this originally Swedish brand. The brand has long proven itself on fronts such as functionality, precision and reliability. If you need to rely on your tools, this is the best choice.

The Hultafors range

As an official dealer of Hultafors, we offer the full range of this brand. If you look around our webshop, you will see that there is a wide choice of advanced hand tools from this brand. Just look at the range of hammers, for example. In our webshop you can find claw hammers, combination hammers, copper hammers, mason's hammers, pin hammers, rubber hammers and sledgehammers.

The hammers lie firmly and comfortably in the hand and thus offer absolute ease of use and maximum safety. The hammers have a forged head. The clubface is induction hardened. In addition, we have non-recoil hammers that, thanks to the swinging movement of the steel balls in the head, practically do not hit back.

In addition to hammers, we can help you with various axes and professional striking tools. We also have a wide choice in crowbars and crowbars of various sizes, such as an aluminum breaking bar with a steel tip, an aluminum bending bar or an adjustable steel crowbar.

You can also contact us for precision measuring tools from Hultafors. You can absolutely rely on the spirit levels and glass cutter poles from the Swedish brand. The surveyor, stroke line, or a Hultafors tape measure can be your accurate partner. The material has a durable finish with an eye for detail. Even with intensive use, this tool remains in excellent condition to be of great value to you.

Toolboxes to store Hultafors tools

The tools from Hultafors can be even more functional, you have to have them within reach. In this context, we would like to point out various useful accessories for storing the tools in an efficient and safe way. Think of our tool boxes, tool bags, nail and screw bags, holster bags, tool belts and backpacks. This way you are ready in one go and you can start your job well prepared.

Advice on professional tools from Hultafors

As you can see, 71WorkX not only offers workwear, but also professional tools from Hultafors. Can't find what you are looking for? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our skilled employees are happy to help you compile your material.

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