Short trousers

Short trousers

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Carhartt short trousers for professionals

Short trousers are the best thing to wear when working outside on a hot hot day. As far as we are concerned, the Carhartt Shorts are absolutely eligible for this. The shorts of this top brand have been specially developed for the professional who places high demands on his or her clothing. These shorts from Carhartt are therefore distinguished by an excellent combination of functionality and appearance.

If you go to work outside on a nice warm day, you should choose the right clothes, which you feel comfortable in and can work in comfortably. Only then can you deliver the top performances that are required of you. For some activities you do not have to wear long work trousers, but shorts can be an excellent alternative, provided they are of good quality and naturally have a nice appearance. One pair of shorts is not the other in this case. In any case, with the shorts from Carhartt you can always look good.

Carhartt shorts to work in

Carhartt is an appealing brand in workwear worldwide. The brand has been active in this industry for more than a century and proves itself again and again in a number of distinctive factors. The brand is not only leading in quality, durability and functionality, but also has a very good image. The clothing is worn by many people both at work and in their free time.

Carhartt has a very extensive clothing line that is fully tailored to the wishes and requirements of the professional on the work floor. With a very versatile collection, the brand offers plenty of choice in quality that has been cleverly combined with a cool design. It doesn't really matter what kind of work you have, where you have to do your tasks and what the circumstances are. Carhartt has the right clothing for this, from thick winter coats to shorts to work in.

The excellent quality of the shorts from Carhartt

The shorts from Carhartt are of excellent quality. Like every piece of clothing from this American top brand, the main seams are stitched three-seams. This makes Carhartt's garments indestructible. The shorts from Carhartt have an excellent fit and are slightly below the waist. This makes these shorts very comfortable and certainly not bothersome when you are working.

A short by Carhartt is relatively lightweight and is equipped with various multifunctional pockets made of strong and durable nylon for transporting small tools. Carhartt also has models to which a detachable nylon tool bag can be attached.

This way you are fully equipped, even if you are “only” wearing shorts. You can also turn it around by realizing that Carhartt's capabilities don't oblige you to wear long work trousers on those beautiful warm days.

Versatile choice for a work shorts from Carhartt

Completely in line with the other garments in the collection, Carhartt has versatile options if you are looking for work shorts. Both the Multi Pocket Ripstop shorts and the Rugged Cargo shorts are available in various designs and colors. Think of colors such as black, stone gray, dessert color brown, green, navy style and of course the characteristic brown (Duck style) Carhartt color. So you can fully tailor your shorts to your taste and your objective and it is therefore a great alternative to wear on a beautiful summer day.

Wide choice of short work trousers from Carhartt

In the 71WorkX webshop you will be able to discover the wide selection of Carhartt short work trousers. As the official dealer of this brand, we have the entire collection available to you. You will find the latest models of this brand with us. This allows you to be sure that if we don't have it, no one will. If you click on an image of a model and go to the product information, you will see the choice

Need help choosing the right Carhartt short work trousers?

You can also contact us for short work trousers from Carhartt. In addition to our wide range, you will also find a handy size chart when you click on the shorts from Carhartt. It is wise to take a good look at this, when determining your size. After all, the shorts from Carhartt are quite large and with this size chart you can be sure that you always choose the right one.

Need help choosing the right Carhartt short work trousers? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our skilled employees are available to advise you personally and to help you make the right choice that suits you. Let the beautiful days come!

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