Dunderdon t-shirts to work in

If you want to work in a t-shirt, the work t-shirts from Dunderdon are a great choice. These t-shirts are not only of perfect quality but also look excellent. The latter is of course not unimportant. Besides clothing of the right quality, do you also want to look good? Dunderdon is your choice with a collection that completely removes the boundaries between streetwear and workwear.

Dunderdon advertises with: “The product makes the brand” and there is really not a word lied. The Swedish brand designs work clothes with a purpose in mind and listens very carefully to the professional who wears the clothes in his or her work. In addition to perfect functionality and quality, appearance is one of the spearheads of this brand. The clothing is stylishly designed so that you just look good. The products make the brand, and this is certainly the case at Dunderdon. In a short time Dunderdon has many fans all over the world.

Long sleeve t-shirts to work in

You can go to Dunderdon for T-shirts with long sleeves to work in. The shirts have a sporty look and feature a small but stylish stand-up collar. The long sleeve T-shirt has two buttons down the front and a discreetly embroidered Dunderdon logo. The long sleeve shirt is made of 100% soft and comfortable cotton and a beautiful design, which is solid, authentic and versatile. Actually, the question is whether this is workwear or casual clothing. The choice is yours.

Dunderdon short sleeve t-shirt, workwear or casual wear?

Fashionable influences can also be found in the collection of the short-sleeved T-shirts from Dunderdon. These shirts have a nice classic yet timeless style that you can always wear. The T-shirts have a nice (for Dunderdon) characteristic straight fit and are made in the colors of nature.

The shirts with the Dunderdon logo are made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane and therefore have a soft and elastic fit. The stretch fabric ensures optimal freedom of movement. You can wear a short-sleeved T-shirt from Dunderdon as workwear and casual wear!

T-shirts are available with a print of the Dunderdon logo or without this print. The basic stretch T-shirts are made without a logo and have a classic rounded neckline with a reinforced edge.

Order Dunderdon T-shirts

As you can conclude from the text above, Dunderdon offers short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts in the collection. Feel free to look around in our webshop. 71WorkX is an official Dunderdon dealer. We have the entire collection of this Swedish top brand available to you and you will find all the latest models here first.

Find out here if you agree with the statement “The product makes the brand”. We think so. With Dunderdon clothing you can look great, both at work and at home. Do you have any questions about this collection? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you make your choice.

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