Dunderdon work trousers for quality in style

If you are looking for nice work trousers where you can not only move optimally, but that also have the right style and quality, Dunderdon is the place to be. The Dunderdon work trousers are designed in such a way that you can not only wear them at work, but they are also a great choice to wear in your spare time.

Dunderdon has a nice extensive collection of work trousers. These trousers are fully developed to the wishes of the professional in the workplace. These work trousers are designed in such a way that they combine aspects such as quality, functionality and appearance in an excellent way.

Dunderdon, one of the top brands of the Hultafors Group

It is not surprising that Dunderdon has developed into one of the top brands in workwear in a very short period of time (the brand has been active in this industry since 1997). The Swedish brand is part of the Hultafors Group, and thus fits perfectly in a list of top brands such as Snickers Workwear, Toe Guard and Solid Gear. In addition, Hultafors is the quality brand for professional tools.

Despite the fact that Dunderdon has an excellent collection of workwear, the brand continues to develop in order to continue to meet the wishes of the modern craftsman in an excellent manner. Dunderdon originally started designing and manufacturing work trousers and based on this success, the collection quickly expanded to include work jackets, hoodies and other outerwear.

The design of a Dunderdon work trousers

The design of Dunderdon work trousers is based on functionality and the aim to deliver timeless quality that remains relevant. So workwear meets style. The Dunderdon designers succeeded in bridging the gap between streetwear and workwear, by introducing sustainable and functional workwear that is characterized by style and a classic look. This allows you to wear the Dunderdon pants both at work and in private and this brand fits perfectly into the 71WorkX collection.

Denim trousers

Dunderdon has a very wide selection of work trousers that are designed in Denim style. You will of course find all these models in our webshop. The Denim models are made of the highest quality Japanese denim. The work trousers have an optimal fit by, among other things, integrating adjustable trouser legs (with drawstrings at the hems).

In addition, a lot of care has been taken to provide excellent functionality and the pants are equipped with various handy (leg) pockets. There are also models with an integrated ruler pocket, detachable pockets, detachable D-rings, reinforced nail pockets and Cordura® knee pad pockets. The denim-style work trousers are also available in stretch versions.

As indicated, a lot of attention has also been paid to the appearance of the trousers and you can choose from the raw (unwashed) models and the unique stonewashed trousers.

Work trousers with detachable legs

In addition to the jeans models, Dunderdon has work trousers for every wish and appearance. The Canvas work trousers can already be seen as a true Dunderdon classic. After all, this was the first work trousers with detachable legs. Not sure what the weather will be like? With these work trousers you always make the right choice! These work trousers have a perfect fit with soft cotton and ensure optimal comfort. The Cordura® knee reinforcements provide durability and the detachable nail pockets for optimal functionality. Obviously, following this success, Dunderdon has released several detachable work trousers that you can find in our webshop.

Chino work trousers from Dunderdon

In addition, the Chino work trousers are a true Dunderdon classic. These work trousers have been on the market since the introduction of Dunderdon (in 1997). Old fashioned and out of fashion? Absolutely not, these pants are stylish and timeless. The Chino work trousers are available in various models, just like the denim work trousers.

P16 work trousers from Dunderdon, the work trousers for all branches

Finally, it is good to pay extra attention to the P16 work trousers. Whatever industry you work in, these work trousers are suitable! The P16 is made of Cordura ripstop DWR and Nylon / Spandex on the back and crotch. The knees of these work trousers are reinforced with Kevlar stretch. The legs are provided with drawstrings at the hems.

The nail pockets of the P16 Dunderdon work trousers are removable thanks to the Dunderdon Multipoc system. This system is equipped with press studs and D-rings that make the bag easy to move. Hidden drawcords allow you to close the pockets well and adjust the height of the kneepads' position. You can fix these knee pads with Velcro fasteners. It is an advanced work pants with versatile possibilities. This makes these pants fully meet your needs.

Handy accessories for Dunderdon work trousers

Dunderdon's work trousers naturally include the handy accessories of this top brand. Think of the handy working belts of the brand (which are available in two sizes), a matte black or chrome belt buckle or the D-ring belt closures. With this you can put together your ideal belt yourself.

Both the complete collection of Dunderdon work trousers and the handy accessories (including the thermal underwear of this brand) are available in our webshop. If you want personal advice or have questions about your choice, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our skilled employees are happy to assist you.

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