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Items 1-36 of 98


Items 1-36 of 98


Carhartt Trousers for the real professional

The real professional who makes demands on himself and on his or her trousers chooses Carhartt. This American brand is leading for extremely good quality and durability. The Carhartt work trousers are made of the strongest materials and have a perfect wearing comfort. This makes these work trousers from Carhartt an excellent choice if you have to do your work under tough, sometimes extreme conditions.

71WorkX is an excellent place to choose work trousers from Carhartt. We are an official dealer of this brand and have the entire collection of this top brand available in our webshop. This not only gives you a very wide choice, but you will also find all the latest models first. If we don't have it, no one has it at all.

Excellent quality workwear

Carhartt is a very appealing brand in workwear. The brand is known for exceptional solidity, quality and finish. This could make it appear that the brand looks a bit stiff and stylish. However, nothing is true! The brand knows how to combine aspects such as functionality and design in an excellent way.

This is reflected in the fact that these clothes are often worn in free time. The brand has a very cool image. Carhartt Workwear has an absolute cult status on the American market today. Concepts such as the Carhartt western pant, double knee and of course the Carhartt Duck are nowadays impossible to ignore the streets and the many accessories of this brand are also frequently worn.

Workwear from Carhartt

Carhartt has been a household name in America for more than a century and has now also proved its worth in the rest of the world. The workwear of this brand is distinguished by the extreme quality, wear resistance and durability of the clothing. This is especially reflected in the roots of this brand.

Originally, it made designer clothes for the track workers, who sometimes had to do their work under extreme conditions. Of course that was not possible without proper protection in the form of the right clothing. Carhartt was able to meet this need and developed clothing that was not only nice and warm, but also had to be of excellent quality and of course very durable. This indestructible clothing immediately confirmed its value.

This line was further developed over the years and of course continued, whereby the wishes from practice, the professionals on the work floor, were the preconditions for good design. For years, the brand has set standards in quality, durability and wear resistance and knows how to combine this in a refined way with appearance and functionality.

Trousers from Carhartt

This mix of strong properties is certainly reflected in the extensive collection of Carhartt work trousers. The brand has a suitable interpretation for every wish. The collection is therefore versatile and suitable for any industry. The work trousers are available in various colors and designs.

Carhartt has work trousers in a jeans look, work trousers that are made in the characteristic Duck fabric, but also ripstop trousers, painter's trousers or work trousers from the washed Twill Dungaree line. You can choose from straight leg pants or relaxed fit pants. In addition, you can choose from pants that are made of a flame-resistant or wrinkle-resistant fabric. Every work trouser is field tested and of course good looking, because Carhartt has skilfully combined functionality and the modern look. So you can easily come up with this!

Why choose Carhartt work trousers?

As a true professional, you should definitely choose work trousers from Carhartt. These pants have an excellent fit and will offer you optimal freedom of movement. In addition, Carhartt work trousers will provide excellent protection against all weather conditions. That is why the work trousers are ideal for wearing both indoors and outdoors.

The work trousers are lightweight and fitted with three-seam stitched main seams. Naturally, the trousers have reinforced knee patches with knee openings and are of course equipped with many multifunctional pockets. These work trousers will therefore fully meet your requirements!

Order Carhartt work trousers at 71WorkX

As already indicated, you can come to us to order Carhartt work trousers. You will be assured of work trousers of excellent quality and of an appearance with which you can be seen. As you are used to from us.

Whatever you are used to from us is our professionalism and excellent service. Our professionals are therefore available to advise you personally if you have any questions about Carhartt work trousers or if you want to be sure which work trousers from this top brand are best for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us

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