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Safety footwear for the professional

A very important part of your work clothes are your work shoes. Your safety footwear must be good to perform optimally, but also of the right quality and offer you optimal protection. In addition, the shoes must of course also look good. After all, the eye also wants something and in our opinion this is also possible with work clothing.
The top brands that 71WorkX has in its range meet all these requirements. You can therefore come to us to choose your work shoes. As an official dealer of many top brands in this industry, you have a very wide choice with us. With us you will find the complete collections of these brands and all the latest models that are released are directly on our website. We have the right shoes for every field.

Requirements for work shoes

A good work shoe meets many requirements. As a craftsman or professional woman, you often use the shoes intensively and must therefore be able to fully rely on them. A professional who sets requirements for himself can also do this with regard to work clothes and work shoes. Therefore, the work shoes must meet the following hard requirements:
  • Work shoes must be of excellent quality;
  • Work shoes must provide the necessary safety;
  • Work shoes must be comfortable;
  • Work shoes must be resistant to weather conditions;
  • Work shoes must offer the right support;
  • Work shoes must prevent tired feet and pressure marks;
  • Work shoes must ventilate sufficiently;
  • Work shoes must look good.
71WorkX has a wide and deep range of high-quality safety shoes and work shoes from the different safety classes. You will find sporty S3 models up to robust S3 safety boots. The shoes all meet these above hard requirements. As far as we are concerned, good looks also fall under those requirements. After all, our entire range of work clothing is not only functional but also has the right appearance. This fits in perfectly with our slogan: 71WorkX, where workwear meets style!
Below you will find an overview of the top brands of which we are the official dealer.

Carhartt no-nonsense safety shoes

The American brand stands for no-nonsense Carhartt safety shoes with a cool image. The work shoes are known for excellent quality, durability and wear resistance. These safety shoes are not only worn a lot during work, but also a lot in private. Carhartt has managed to combine functionality and appearance in a sublime way. The shoes are therefore ideal for wearing during heavy outdoor work.

Cross Safety lightweight work shoes

The Cross Safety work shoes look like sporty sneakers, but they are safety shoes that will offer you optimal protection. The shoes are made with a kevlar midsole and a fiberglass toe. The anti-slip profile will reduce the risk of slipping. Cross Safety shoes are very lightweight, available in various colors and have reflective elements. Cambrelle's lining is breathable and moisture and odor-absorbing.

Grisport work shoes, long experience applied

The Grisport brand is well known by practitioners of various outdoor sports. After all, the brand is an appealing supplier of footwear in this industry and has also applied this experience in the line of work shoes. The shoes are therefore of excellent quality and have excellent wearing comfort. Grisport is an Italian-made shoe. This is certainly reflected in the design of the shoe in which style and functionality are combined in a refined way.

Maxguard safety shoes, sneakers and high models

Maxguard safety shoes are best described as innovative, light, flexible and sporty. The shoes are made in Germany. The technologies used in these shoes are clearly based on the wishes of the user. The Maxguard shoes have a pleasant wearing comfort and are excellent for long and intensive use. The brand has a versatile range, from sneakers to safety shoes. In addition, the brand has high models in the collection.

Redbrick Safety Sneakers for work and home

The Redbrick shoes are also an absolute must in the collection. The shoes have a perfect fit that allows you to walk away from the first minute. In addition, the shoes have a beautiful design, the Redbricks are of excellent quality and give you optimal safety. The shoes are ideal for work and at home. Redbrick has a very diverse collection, from Redbrick Safety Sneakers to the higher models in safety shoes.

Solid Gear, the work shoe for him and her

Trendy, sporty and yet safe and durable. That is the best description of a work shoe from Solid Gear. These lightweight work shoes are made of modern high-tech materials. Solid Gear shoes have a composite sole and an aluminum toe. The shoes have no less than three soles and have a seamless textile with maximum ventilation. Solid Gear, like many other brands, also has a collection of work shoes for women.

Strövels work clogs as a comfortable work shoe

Work clogs are ideal work shoes for many professional groups. Strövels proves this. This leading brand in work clogs perfectly combines the Swedish invention with Dutch craftsmanship. The result is a strong and comfortable clog that is versatile in use. You get in and out very easily, so comfort and convenience come together perfectly. Those looking for work clogs will almost naturally come to Strövels.

Toe Guard work shoes for excellent value for money

The Toe Guard shoes have also proven themselves for a long time. The shoes are great value for money and are of excellent quality. The shoes are light and flexible but strong and durable. Toe Guard has various (low and high) models in the collection and can handle the most demanding working conditions. For this, various technologies have been applied in the shoes so that you can certainly rely on your footwear.

Work shoes from 71WorkX

Due to our very wide choice, you can come to us for all models in work shoes and safety shoes. With the shoes of these top brands you can deliver the performance that is expected of you without (foot) problems. The importance of the right work shoes is important here. Good footwear will provide you with the necessary protection for a long time and reduce the chance that you will get physical complaints.

Choose the shoes that are most suitable for you on our website. If you have any questions or need professional personal advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you (literally).

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