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Ladies safety footwear that meet all your requirements

Are you looking for a good ladies work shoe? Then be sure to check out the 71WorkX webshop. We have a lot of choice in ladies work shoes of the best quality. With these shoes you are able to deliver the top performances that are expected of you. Your shoes are the lowest part of your work clothes, but by no means the most important thing!

Your work clothes are not complete without a good pair of shoes. Footwear is even one of the most important parts of your work clothes. If you do not walk well, do not have the right support or are not guaranteed the correct safety, you will not be able to work comfortably. In addition, good shoes are very important to prevent physical complaints.

Ladies work shoes from top brands

71WorkX is an official dealer of various top brands from the work shoe industry. This allows us to offer you the full collection and all the latest models. If you choose shoes from brands like Grisport, Carhartt, ToWorkFor, Redbrick, Solid Gear and Strövels, you choose a high-quality shoe that you will enjoy for a long time. We have the right shoe for every industry. So we have a lot of choice in ladies work shoes from top brands for you.

Grisport work shoes for women

If you are looking for work shoes that are made of the best materials and must have a perfect fit, the shoes from Grisport are certainly eligible. Grisport work shoes for women are groundbreaking and clearly of superior quality. For the development of the shoe, the brand uses the origin and experience gained. The roots of this brand can be found in various outdoor sports. These techniques are applied in the work shoes.

It can be seen that the shoes are made in Italy. The shoes are very fashionable, you can look good with this. In the shoes of the Cross Safety line, style and functionality have been cleverly combined. You can also wear this shoe outside of work.

Redbrick, a characteristic work shoe for women

Redbrick work shoes should also be included in our collection. They are comfortable from the first step you put in this shoe. If we have to describe the work shoes from Redbrick, we can best do this with the following words: indestructible, comfortable, sporty and trendy. This characteristic work shoe for women is ideal for work and at home. After all, the shoes have a sneaker-like appearance, nobody will notice that you wear your work shoes at home.

Solid Gear, work shoe for women with a sporty look

The Solid Gear work shoes can best be described as a work shoe for women with a sporty look. The brand shows that, by using modern high-tech materials, it is possible to make an excellent lightweight work shoe.

The Solid Gear is an excellent safety shoe with a composite sole and an aluminum toe cap. The shoes have no less than three soles: an oil-resistant and anti-slip rubber outsole, a high-performance injected EVA midsole and a breathable, antibacterial EVA insole with Poron® pads. The shoes are provided with a seamless textile with maximum ventilation and of course have a folding last.

Strövels work clogs, comfortable work shoes for women

Did you know that work clogs can be very comfortable work shoes for women? Strövels proves this. This leading brand in work clogs is a strong, yet comfortable clog. Strövels clogs can be used for a variety of applications and can therefore be used in various industries. You get in and out very easily, so that comfort and convenience are sublimely combined with this.

Need advice when choosing work shoes?

As you can see we have a lot of choice in ladies work shoes. Do you have any questions or need personal advice? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you (literally).

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