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Dunderdon P12K Cordura Denim Work Trousers - Stonewashed
€100.28 incl. vat
excl. vat €82.88
Dunderdon P60s Cordura denim Short Trousers - Raw
€61.66 incl. vat
excl. vat €50.96
Dunderdon P55s Denim Short Trousers - Stonewashed
€90.00 incl. vat
excl. vat €74.38
Dunderdon P55s Vantage Short Trousers - Black
€102.80 incl. vat
excl. vat €84.96

4 Items

Dunderdon shorts and short work trousers

There are those beautiful summer days when you really don't want to work in long pants. On these days you would like to wear shorts or short work trousers that are not only functional and of good quality, but also have a beautiful appearance. For days like this, you should have Dunderdon shorts or short work trousers in your closet. These garments will fully meet your requirements.

Dunderdon is a leading Swedish brand in workwear. The garments of this brand are designed according to the versatile wishes of the craftsmen. The workwear of this brand knows how to combine quality, functionality, an excellent fit and a great appearance in a perfect way. It will come as no surprise that Dunderdon has real fans who really don't want anything else.

The design of Dunderdon's clothing

This combination of strong properties is also reflected in the shorts or short work trousers from Dunderdon. Dunderdon based the design of the clothing on the desire to combine functionality and quality with a timeless look. As a result, you can see that Dunderdon's first workwear models (introduced in 1997) still sell well and don't look outdated. So workwear meets style, as you will find in all brands in the 71WorkX webshop.

The Dunderdon designers have done an excellent job of creating a beautiful connection between streetwear and workwear, by introducing sustainable and functional workwear that is characterized by style and a classic look. The advantage of this is that you can wear the workwear of the Swedish brand not only at work, but also as casual wear.

Denim shorts by Dunderdon as work trousers

One of the clear streetwear examples are the Denim shorts that Dunderdon has in the collection. These have an excellent and modern look but also meet the requirements that you will set for your clothes when you are working.

Dunderdon has a very wide selection of short work trousers that are designed in Denim style. You can of course find all these models in our webshop. The Denim models are made of the highest quality Japanese denim. You can choose from the raw (unwashed) models and the unique stonewashed pants and have a real jeans closure.

The shorts have excellent functionality due to the two leg pockets with integrated meter pocket, detachable holster pockets and detachable D-rings. The knees and holster pockets of Cordura® are reinforced.

Dunderdon short work trousers

In addition to the denim shorts, you can also opt for the Vantage short work trousers from Dunderdon. These short work trousers also offer excellent comfort and have large leg pockets with a handy zipper. This model also has removable cordura® nail pockets with a detachable key and tape holder.

If you prefer canvas work trousers with detachable legs, this is also possible. Dunderdon was the first brand to introduce work trousers with detachable legs. You can find this timeless classic (and other models that have been marketed in imitation of this success) in our webshop.

Order Dunderdon shorts and short work trousers

You can order the full collection of Dunderdon shorts and short work trousers at 71WorkX. We are an official Dunderdon dealer and have not only all models, but also the first models. So keep an eye on our webshop if you are a fan of this top Swedish brand.

If you have any questions about the Dunderdon collection or would like personal advice in making your choice, you can of course contact us. Our skilled staff will take the time to help you make your choice.

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